It is a light client which allows you to make fast and reliable downloads
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BitTorrent is the most famous bittorrent program available. This software is dedicated to downloading and uploading files like in a wholesale, and it has every tool needed to do it in the best and most efficient way possible. BitTorrent, like many other torrent managers, can handle magnet files. It has a scheduler for your downloads, so that you can determine when and how to share or download, based on time or connection availability.

BitTorrent also comes with BitTorrent DNA which is a content delivery service that uses a secure, private, managed peer network to more provide reliable and more efficient delivery of content. This will allow you to make great downloads in no time. BitTorrent comes with a handy user guide that will lead you through the configurations needed, so you can take the best of your internet connection to your benefit.

BitTorrent is also preconfigured for use with some specific hardware is has been designed for, so you don't have to perform the nagging task of configuring it.

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  • Mac & Linux versions are available


  • Some preconfiguring is needed
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